Monday, September 2, 2013

Setbacks Happen

Things were going well on the long Labor day weekend, I was making progress on the wiring and battery install. It looked as though I was on track to drive to an EV meeting on Sept 7, but things don't always go according to plan. I fitted the batteries and was making the connections and running the high voltage wiring. The panic disconnect was wired and front pack installed as well as the fuses for the heater and DC/DC converter then I broke the jaw on the crimping tool, no big deal.
I decided to get a little charge on the batteries, the charger would not start, some type of error.
I thought I would run the motor on the full pack voltage, nothing! I had an error on the drive that would not clear and would not allow the drive to run. If I have it right, it looks like a throttle error. Both the controller and hall pedel were checked by netgain before I installed them, not good
I tried to boot the charger and find the error, the problem is it is DOS based, I tried a few computers, the emulator programs didn't allow communication.
I finally got an ancient IBM computer to access the charger and found a problem with the temperature sensor input, I jumped them with resistors as I had no sensors and the charger started, finally.

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