Wednesday, June 12, 2013

So it begins

The project begins, converting a 1986 mazda RX-7 to electric. Goal is fun to drive and keep it light for performance.The motor will be from another unfinished project a Warp 9, 9" dc series wound motor.
I have chosen a Warp drive controller, 160 volt at 1200 amps.
I found a donor car fairly cheap, it was set up for a V8, it came without trans or engine.
I had another car that I was going to convert, a 1987 Mazda that will be a parts car for the project.
A friend and I pulled the engine from the donor and I had the remainder towed to the house so I
could pull the transmission and any useful parts
from the car.
The shifter was damaged in the engine pull, so I
ordered a short throw shifter for the transmission.
With some searching on the EV sites, I found a
controller with hall effect pedal and water cooling unit for a good price. I originally wanted
1000 amp controller but ended up with a 1200 Amp unit.

I found some parts with the local EV club, Vacuum pump with switch, a 55A Iota DC/DC converter, main contactor, and some various pieces and tools, thanks Rob!

I struck a deal with a guy parting out his car, managed to buy batteries and charger, the batteries had some cycles on them, but pretty new so a good deal for me.
The batteries are 100AH, I really wanted to go
With 130AH, but price won the battle, I can
upgrade if needed later.

I scrounged Ebay for more parts, I purchased a
Fuse 800A and a dead front fuse holder that I am going to use for a emergency disconnect.
Also found was a light flywheel and hub for use
with the motor adaptor from Canadian EV.
I will have to machine the counterweight off the
flywheel hub to make it work.

6-12-13The work on the car continues, removal of gas tank and other items. I removed the clutch master
cylinder and the original gas pedal, fuel regulator and lines.

The used charger arrived today, fairly large but pretty light. I think I have all the plugs to wire it for charging, but still need to sort out the wiring.

After doing some tests with the vacuum pump I found a sticking brake caliper that will need repair, I think inspection and rebuild is in the future for all wheels.

While waiting on parts I am measuring spaces for the batteries, it looks like 30 in the back 20
 up front will work well. Weight distribution is a
factor to keep the car 50/50 balance.

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