Saturday, June 29, 2013

Driveline build


The progress continues, I assembled the adapter and flywheel on the motor and took some measurements to see if the original "magic number" was close. The measurement was off a bit but I didn't torque the flywheel nut.
I built a lock bar to hold the flywheel and tighten the nut to 350 ftlbs. I tightened it all and checked the runout, I had to adjust a bit and still the runout was a little more than I liked but it spun up on 12 volts without vibration. A short trip to the hardware to get the bolts to put the pressure plate on the flywheel. I cleaned up the bell housing and the throwout bearing and sleeve. I lubed it all and put it together. I wrestled the motor and flywheel to join the motor to the transmission. A test with 12 volts showed all running well and the gears working well, I kept it short as no gear lube in the transmission. Next I get to drop the assembly into the car.

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