Friday, June 21, 2013

Flywheel fun

I received the flywheels I ordered on ebay, One aluminum and one steel with the counterweighted hub. I used a bandsaw and cut off the counterweight. I ground and cut with the lathe to remove the rest of the weight. The process took
a little longer than expected, the counterweight material dulled a lot of my cutting bits on the lathe.
The adapter from Canadian EV arrived, it looks well made. I tried the adapter hub on the motor, looks like a good fit. Now that the hub is done, I just need to assemble everything after getting some locktight for all the fasteners.
Hub on the lathe.. 
 Lots of parts to make it work, adapter, hub, flywheel, clutch, adapter plate. Hopefully I can keep the rounout and balance all good on the assembly.

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