Saturday, August 17, 2013

Always something..

The seals for the banjo fittings came and I decided to install them and attempt to seal the power steering. I wanted to get this done before installing the batteries and all the other parts.
Murphy was looming in the garage and when I tightened the bolt it stripped the threads in the steering rack, crap... I looked at the donor car and the steering rack had damage so I would have to repair it as well as remove and swap with the other car.
I decided to go another way, I am going with a manual rack I found on ebay. This will eliminate the plumbing and the extra draw on the motor as well as reduce weight.

out with the old

 After the power steering issue, I went for stress relief and grabbed a sawzall! I attacked the rear package area with the saw to make room for the rear battery box. I removed the metal with surprising ease.

fitting frame
box in place  

I ended up with a big hole in the back of the car,
about 17.5 by 27. I built a top frame to fit the cutout, and then a box that will hang where the gas tank used to reside.

This is a shot of the frame, It is higher than the spare tire well and the differential, so it shouldn't get hit by anything.

test fit batteries
I put a few batteries in for fit, everything looks good, 30 batteries should fit without problems.
I made the box a bit deep, in case of different batteries later

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