Thursday, July 18, 2013

Power steering and motor mounting

I am reusing the power steering so I had to make a mount for the pump. I ordered a pulley for the motor that would give me a ratio that was close to stock, I probably could have under driven the pump to save power. The pump has electronic control of pressure that reacts to speed and road feedback so I wanted to keep it close on the ratios.
I started by cutting off about 2 pounds off the old bracket that mounted the bracket to the original motor and held the air conditioning pump.
The original bracket cut pretty easily even though some cuts were through 3/4 thick aluminum. I wanted to reuse the bracket to eliminate drilling and slotting for the pump and belt adjuster with the added rear mount for the pump.

I bolted it all together and this is what it looks like, the odd shape of the bracket was to use a piece of scrap 6061 aluminum, it ended up being very strong with little flex. I measured the distance around the pulley and picked up a belt at the hardware that fit well 

I went to the rear and marked it up for the battery box and where I will cut the package area to drop the battery box into the space where the fuel tank used to reside. I will be able to install 30 of the calb 100ah batteries in this space.

 I finally drilled the motor mount and secured the motor to the frame, while I was in the area I cut the radiator supports out to allow room for the rest of the batteries. It will be a tight fit, but I will be able to get another 20 batteries in the front between the motor and front frame. I thought putting the drive shaft in would be an easy reinstall, but I was very wrong! As it turns out the turbo car and non turbo use different front and rear flanges, they don't mix well. One drive shaft didn't fit the transmission, the other did but wouldn't bolt to the rear end. The best solution was to redrill the pinion flange to accept the driveshaft, not fun but will work.

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